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About Daniela Nardi

"..powerful yet intimate…outstanding…an arresting voice…"

"another Canuck newcomer with tremendous promise" --Daily Courier

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer: Daniela Nardi is a smoldering, passionate performer, with an enticing voice. Her music is literate, yet emotionally charged, blending diverse sounds to deliver up a world breadth and scope. It's jazzy, but not jazz; groovy but not pop.

Daniela Nardi and her band DNA5 have drawn comparisons to Joni Mitchell, Dave Matthews Band and Sting. But the only word for her unique music is Earthymodernjazzpopcool.

One True Thing blends an earthiness and sultriness with evocative soul searching imagery to produce music of depth and passion.

Ranging in subject matters from longing for love to innocence, from questioning one's faith to sexuality, Daniela Nardi's work presents a wide palette of the human experience.

It is the spirit of the truth seeker, spirit of a mind that is desiring to tap into and understand the full spectrum of the human experience that form the foundation of the album, asking the big questions of "who am I?" and "why am I here?"

Most songs on One True Thing were written completely or at least started during personal/creative hiatuses that Daniela took prior to recording this album. "I believe the songs reflect a deep passion and emotion, a meloncholy but in that, an honesty about where I am at and what I may be concerning myself with." One True Thing is musically rich and lyrically powerful.

It is truly a defining work for a debut singer/songwriter/pianist. From the deep longing for love "Crazy Jane" to the sarcastic, sexy "Mr. God", it is hard to imagine such focused material is being released for the first time.

Most artists do not reach such level of poignancy, honesty and clarity until much later in their repetoire. Blending a wide variety of styles from jazz to folk, latin to world, Daniela draws on numerous musical influences to produce a unique style.




One True Thing offers such tracks as the samba soaked "Hands", the sad beauty of live favourite "Crazy Jane", the burlesque blues tinged "Mr God" and the up tempo, uplifting "One True Thing". With 11 original songs, and some of the finest jazz musicians around, One True Thing has received critical acclaim and airplay, both nationally and internationally.

Its first single, Mr. God charted on the national Adult Contemporary and Jazz Charts. Nardi's tune Hands was featured on the U.S. TV series Wild Card and has been on regular rotation on numerous smooth jazz/adult contemporary radio stations and internet radio throughout the world.

The accumulated accolades and acclaim garnered Nardi and her band a nomination for best group at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Daniela Nardi was only five years old when she began studying music at the Royal Conservatory of Music, in her native Toronto.

Dreams of Mozart and Juilliard were dashed by the 1980's British invasion. The Police and other bands influenced Nardi to take up bass guitar and songwriting, in addition to the piano skills she had already acquired.

After performing everything from pop to punk to latin to country with a variety of bands, Nardi ended up at York University in Toronto, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in Music.

As a true working artist, Nardi’s career path traversed a couple of streams. Nardi moved on to work as a film composer, voice-over artist, and actor. She also worked as a real estate agent and a marketing/advertising/promotions director for real estate firms and various arts organizations.

Foremost, however, of her musical endeavors has been her first project, the DNA Trio. A successful independent ep, Spadina Sessions, and a featured spot on Bhurr Records' compilation Doggone Wheels, led to One True Thing (Minerva Road).

With the prestigious support of the recording industry's Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent On Records (FACTOR), Nardi not only produced and arranged the cd, but released it on her own label / production company, Minerva Road Entertainment.

A true one-woman show. Daniela Nardi and the DNA5 have appeared on television, and at numerous festivals and conferences across Canada and internationally.

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Daniela Nardi
One True Thing
© 2006
Minerva Road Entertainment

1. Woman Me
2. Crazy Jane
3. You So Beautiful
4. Face of the Moon
5. Still Asking
6. Hands
7. Mr. God
8. After the Sun Goes Down
9. Thank You
10. Winter Birds
11. One True Thing
12. Beautiful(Boomtang Mix)
13. Hands(Boomtang Mix)

Daniela Nardi - vocals, piano, rhodes
Steve Bright
- electric bass
Larry Crowe - drums/percussion

Chase Sanborn
- trumpet/flugalhorn
Jim Tate - guitars
John Johnson
- saxophone
Tortoise Blue - harp/organ
George Koller - acoustic bass
Neil Donnel
- background vocals.


Daniela Nardi

Daniela Nardi

Daniela Nardi

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